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Are you worried that your Google rankings have gone down?

Don’t worry. We can assist you in regaining your Google rankings! We may be able to put that grin back on your face and remove all of the stress and worry associated with having a bad Google penalty as Sydney’s leading Google penalty removal company – Sydney SEO Marketing.

Nobody wants a Google penalty!

We can help you get rid of Google’s penalties as a consequence of your previous SEO firm’s actions. We may assist you to remove these penalties that might stifle your company’s growth and internet traffic if your website has been penalized by Google as a result of the efforts of your past SEO business.

The Proven Penalty Removing Procedures

We’ve got procedures in place to assist your company get out of a Google penalty. We can quickly identify the factors behind your current Google penalty and a drop in rankings using a technical audit of your websites’ backlink profile, content, and overall user experience. After that, we’ll develop a strategy to raise your rankings in a matter of weeks. It’s as easy as ABC!

You’re in good hands.

Our team of specialists can help you get out of your penalty by helping you understand how we run our services and what to expect.

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Google Penalties: What Are They And Why Do We Have Them?

What is a Google penalty, and how does it work? Simply defined, a Google penalty is a flaw in a website’s rankings. Why should you be concerned about this? Not only will you lose some of your Google traffic (or at least part of it), but you’ll also see an impact on your ability to rank for certain keywords. Furthermore, you’ll lose your Google authority and trust, and you’ll have to work harder to rebuild it.

Manual and algorithmic penalties are the two types of penalties that Google can impose. Our distinctive selling proposition is that we offer education to bring with you when we work with businesses. We’ll go through why you were penalized by Google and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Let’s start with the distinction between manual and algorithmic penalties.

A person looks at it manually. If you’ve been hit by a manual Google penalty, it means someone has reviewed your site and marked you as non-compliant with Google’s standards. On the other hand, an algorithmic penalty is automated. When Google releases a new algorithmic update and believes your site isn’t keeping up with the times, this is known as an algorithmic penalty. Keeping track of more than 550 updates each year, as well as meeting quality standards, is essential. However, for most marketing teams, it is too much to keep up with. By covering both the On-Site and Off-site SEO opportunities, we can guarantee that both inbound and outbound links from your competitors will be detected by our team of specialists at Sydney SEO Marketing.

Google does not use the term “penalties” in its documentation.
Instead, it calls them manual actions and algorithmic actions.

Get Sydney SEO Marketing Help You With Google Penalty Removal For Your Sydney Business

Sydney SEO Marketing has been able to get rid of these penalties in a matter of weeks, helping our customers’ companies in the process. So don’t worry; we’re here to assist!

With Our Local SEO Services, You May Boost Revenue By Boosting Your Local Rankings.

Sydney SEO Marketing assist clients in removing a Google penalty by providing the following SEO services:

Backlink Audit

The first thing we do in our Google Penalty Removal procedure is to look for any low-quality or spammy links that may be linking to your site. One of the most typical reasons for a Google penalty is tainted backlinks. And, you'd be surprised if I told you we were previously employed by your current SEO agency. We have seven different criteria for determining whether or when a backlink is considered spammy. We immediately delete any hazardous backlinks that we detect throughout this screening procedure. To assist us in removing these connections, we have sophisticated technologies at our disposal.

Google Penguin Recovery

The Penguin algorithm is algorithmic, which means you can get your penalty lifted if you do the required work, but it does not guarantee that you will immediately reclaim the positions you held. You must increase the link equity, either through building links and trust or buying links, in order to achieve this. However, if you didn't require the manipulative links in the first place, and a professional Google penalty consultant has completed a comprehensive Google manual review of all your connections, then a website may simply "pop back" into its previous search engine rankings.
A Google Penguin clean up and analysis has a wide range of outcomes, each case depending. The crucial question to ask yourself is whether or not the site deserves to rank without the manipulative links pointing at it.

Recovering from a Google Panda update

Many people are unfamiliar with the term "Google Panda." The reason for this is that this algorithm isn't simply concerned with the quality of your site's content. We've worked on a few websites that have unfortunately been affected by Google Panda due to purely technical concerns, both on and critically off-site. These websites, on the other hand, have all been ‘filtered' by Google's algorithm. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, they've fallen prey to the same fate as many thin, low-quality sites that Google Panda was created to remove.

Disavow Dodgy Backlinks

All low-quality, low-value backlinks will be sent to Google and asked to be disavowed, which means we'll ask Google not to include these links in your backlink and ranking profile. We must disavow only harmful links that are harming your website in order to utilize this technique.

Natural Link Building & Ethical Content Marketing

We produce unique, new material for your website that is Google-friendly as well as high-quality, reliable links to improve the authority of your website. Linkbuilding is done every month as part of your continued SEO strategy. You will begin to see excellent effects over the short term as your ranks improve and begin to climb back to the top of search results.

Website Audit & Optimisation

The last stage in Google Penalty Removal is to have a complete website audit done so that when you've recovered from the penalty, your new ranks will climb Google's rankings more quickly and higher. We look at site speed, page titles, web content, page architecture, user experience, and a variety of other vital on-page ranking elements. After we've eliminated all of your site's bugs and mistakes, it'll be an effective marketing tool for you.

Why Should You Hire Sydney SEO Marketing For Google Removal Services?

We keep our promises.

You may be thinking that you’ve heard it all before and that every SEO firm says the same thing. We’re more concerned with getting the work done than making empty promises. To get your site and business back on track, we began working to remove your Google Penalty.

We will conduct a full audit of your website

We start by determining what’s causing the problems. We go through your site in detail and report back to you with our findings. We conduct keyword research to figure out which keywords are being used, as well as a comprehensive review of all current links.

Rinse, Rise & Repeat

To fix any mistakes, such as page titles, descriptions, and URL semantics, we perform site maintenance. We verify the code to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and optimised for handheld devices. We remove any low-quality backlinks from unreliable websites.

Make preparations for the future.

We ensure that the client journey and user experience are as painless as possible. This is something Google takes into account, and if your website isn’t providing customers with an excellent experience, it will negatively impact your rankings. To your website, we create credible, real and documented references across the internet (known as back-links) to help you gain more traffic.

We Guarantee To Make Your Phone Ring!

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So, what are you waiting time for? Our team is eager to work with you to develop a bespoke SEO strategy that will flood your business with high-converting leads.